COVID -19 has left a deep dent on the world economy. Small and big retailers, alike, have faced the brunt of the sudden lockdown. While on one hand, many retail outlets shut down, many others were quick to change their modus operandi to digital, almost overnight.

What Covid-19 pandemic brought to the forefront?

Covid-19 taught us valuable lessons in conducting retail business–

  • Brands don’t need a retail space per se,
  • e-commerce is competitive but offers more benefits,
  • The effective way to run a shop is to curtail down overhead costs, and
  • Thanks to smartphones–now it is possible to unify retail/shop data and manage store operations through a variety of intuitive billing and inventory management apps.

Here are the five ways on improving profits after Covid-19

Go where customers shop–online

Contactless shopping has emerged as “the best way” to buy and sell products. COVID has forced a lot of consumers to online platforms even when shopping for daily essentials. So as a retailer having a website/e-com site is one of the primary ways to boost visibility and sales.

Keep consumers informed about offers/store sales

Improve customer engagement with SMS advertising, one of the most effective ways of keeping consumers informed about store offers. In an age of competitive pricing, a consumer tends to compare prices at different sites and then make the final purchase. You too can offer advantages of savings on purchases and ring up profits for your retail/shop.

Partner with smart billing apps and manage single/multi-store operations with ease

Many billing apps help you monitor and manage retail/shop on a single point dashboard. Keep track and save information about the daily transaction, inventory updates, product popularity, customer credit account and feedback, GST audit on your smartphones, and access the same from anywhere, anytime now.

Offer smooth check-out experience to consumers

Offer your consumers the convenience of paying through multi-mode payments from anywhere. Process smooth billing with smart QR scans and GST compliant invoices. Reduce overall operation time and eliminate the slightest errors in billing.

Reduce overheads and curtail excess expenditure

Now you need no manual help for tallying and maintaining audits, GST billing, and inventory updates. Many apps come with invoice generation and inbuilt inventory management features. Now it is also possible to manage customer credits with a single click. You need to download an all-in-one versatile app that provides a range of retail solutions. Save on extra expenditure and rather invest that money to expand the retail/shop.

One App-Various Options

While there are multiple apps in the market, it may get a little overwhelming to choose the right one. Here is a chart to help you understand product offerings-

inventory management app

Make the best use of technology to boost your retail/shop like never before. With more competition more opportunities have opened up, make sure to upgrade your retail/shop with the right kind of tools that will not only improve profit margin but will help you operate and organize retail/shop better.