Smart survival strategies for retailers during COVID-19

Lockdown has not only upset the global economy, on the national-level many retails & start-ups were put out of business, suddenly affecting the livelihood of millions of people. COVID-19 has had an indelible impact on the demand and supply chain as well, more so on methods of managing retail/shop.

The boom of e-Com – why get a digital domain for your retail/shop?

The convenient contactless shopping experience

Ever since social distancing was mandated and quarantine announced, consumers’ increased preference to shop online pushed many retailers to switch to e-com. The entire shift was influenced mainly by the convenience of going contactless for safety measures.

Integrate Multi-mode payment options

Online shopping entails paying online. Keeping in mind that different consumers will use different payment methods, a smart retailer will integrate multi-mode payment options including debit/credit cards, UPI wallets to offer seamless payment processing experience to valued consumers. This not only enhances service but also helps the retailer maintain a clean and error-free account.

Partner with smart billing apps that provide better retail solutions

Multiple apps are available these days on Google Play store to help modern-day retailers efficiently monitor and manage retail operations with the click of a button. Most searched solutions are related to smart billing apps, inventory management apps, business report generation apps etc. Some of the best apps available are Vyapar, Quick Books, Xero, Zoho Invoice, Net Suite, Tally ERP.9 While these apps are particularly good at certain tasks, there are billing and inventory management apps like mBill more popular with small and big enterprises because of their versatile range of products and offerings at zero commission.

Track profit and expenses, design risk-free expansion

What is a retail business without an expansion plan? Imagine what a retail/shop can do with constant expert guidance and reviews? Now get professional consultation with smart bill making apps. These billing apps are designed to generate critical retail/shop reports on sales, profit and loss, product performance, customer history, and feedback so that an actionable plan can be drafted to further business ambitions and goals.

More product offerings

As mentioned earlier, it is very important to select an All-in-one app like mBill in order to maximize profit at zero cost. Invoice making app like mBill offer unique GST compliant billing solution, real-time advertisement customization, customer feedback and credit accounting, super-efficient inventory cataloguing and management with auto-alerts on expiry and re-stocking. Additionally, it provides local retailers an opportunity to register for online sites so that during challenging times as COVID, retailers does not suffer.

Last but not the least, it is always better to have one app over multiple others for maintaining unified and organized retail/shop records. To reduce overhead costs on accountants, enhance service quality, delight consumers with excellent product range, and more go digital with intelligent retail/shop tools that can help you survive tough times and market competitions.