Setting up your retail business/shop is super simple and easy now, thanks to technology. All you need is a smartphone to download best retail solution apps, and you are good to get started. e-com is competitive, and yet the most profitable way to reach out to a bigger customer base and improve profits for free, well almost.

Out dated retail setup? Time to change!

The reasons many enterprises have switched to using smartphones for retail/shop is because–

  • It’s faster, it’s convenient, it’s more popular.

  • A single dashboard to manage retail/shop nitty gritty.

  • Benefits both the seller and the consumer on various grounds.

  • Saves a lot of money on overhead expense.

  • Gives you the ultimate control of managing and monitoring retail/shop.

Getting started

  • Get yourself a smartphone. This is basic.

  • The second step requires deliberation – which app to download?

These days the market is full of different apps, billing app, inventory management app, app with loyalty programs for customers, apps to audit and tally profit and loss and several others, you need to carefully select a versatile app that combines the afore mentioned elements, basically look up the All-In-One retail/shop management app

  • Once you have figured out which app to use download it on your mobile/laptop and get started.

Advantages of All-In-One App

  • Assimilate and unify retail/shop records on a customized dashboard through smartphone.

  • Track daily budget/expense, operations for single or multi-store units.

  • Accept multi-mode payments at store or on door-step delivery with zero hassles.

  • Broadcast promotional messages, customized seasonal offer sms to customers at one go.

  • Invite customer feedback and engagement regular to improve service quality and inventory.

  • Keep your retail/shop data 100% protected and safe at a cloud serve and prevent data theft.

  • Get your online microsite and reach out to local customers with a click of a button.

mBill Benefits

The COVID pandemic has put many small start-ups and retail shops out of business. On the other hand, E-commerce is gaining prominence like never before. mBill aims to empower modern day retailers with unique digital solutions to advance and expand opportunities.

  • Helping local retailers gain online listing as top brands to shop from.

  • Providing technical support to transform and improve out-dated store operation.

  • Supporting quick online transaction and door-step delivery to boost sales.

  • Offering analytical help to decode customer preferences, product demand to improve store popularity.

  • Creating opportunities to reach more local customers who are shopping online.

If you wish to transform your retail business/shop into the most popular local brand get yourself a smartphone and download an intelligent app that can micro manage retail business/shop for you.

Switch to profit – Go digital!