mBill is a smart billing app made especially for retailers/shopkeepers. It has multiple benefits like smart invoicing and smart shop inventory management, that helps micro-manage retail business in an easy and error-free way.
mBill can be used for any/all types of shops across India. Presently, it is available for owners of shops operating in:-

  1. Consumer Durables
  2. Kitchen Appliances
  3. Mobile Phones
  4. IT Shops
mBill smart billing app can be downloaded from Google Play Store free-of-cost.
All you need to use mBill, is just a smartphone or a desktop.
Using mBill does not require much technical knowledge or expertise.
To start using the App, experts from mBill team will train you initially so that you can comfortably use mBill without any hassles.
You simply need to create your login id and password. Register your phone number/email-id and upload your products to get started.
mBill can help you in the following ways –

  1. Quick & Error-free Billing
  2. Product/Stock Management
  3. Ledger Management
  4. Search Invoices
  5. Get Sales Report
  6. GST Calculation

mBill is a smart inventory management software that offers easy information on –

  1. Product Shelf-life
  2. Product Ageing & Expiry
  3. Product Re-stock Alerts
  4. Bestsellers (Products/Brands)
  5. Underperformers (Products/ Brands)
mBill’s smart bill making options perform multiple tasks with a few taps–

  1. Generate GST Compliant Bills
  2. Customize Units/Quantity
  3. Track Unpaid Bills
  4. Store Bill Records
  5. Search Bills/Invoices (with customer mobile numbers)
  6. Send Bills via e-mail | WhatsApp | Print
With double security of Password and OTP – data stored in mBill is 100% safe and secure!
  1. You can check your account info anywhere, anytime.
  2. Apart from that, smart sales and stock reports will be sent every month by the mBill team.
Yes, mBill can be used in multiple retail stores/shops.
mBill generates GST complaint bills & automatic sales GSTR reports which speeds up the process of filing returns with your CA. Also, as everything is saved in the cloud server, there is no chance of lost invoices or records.
You can create your product-specific offers and send SMS notifications to your customers on seasonal offers and more.
If you face any problem in using mBill, then you can get it resolved by contacting-

  • The dedicated technical support team through mBill’s WhatsApp +91 8422005440.


Give your shop the support of robust technology with
the smart inventory management and bill making app, mBill.

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